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Aurora Innovation continue to increase availability for companies with acquisition of callback system CallMe.


by Louise Wahlström

At the end of January, Aurora Innovation completed the acquisition of callback system CallMe from Tele2. A partnership agreement has also been agreed on by both parties. This increased cooperation will give more companies and organisations the possibility to increase their availability.

“Our vision is to create a more available world. Our new partnership agreement with Tele2 puts us in a better position to achieve this”, said Katarina Svensson, CEO at Aurora Innovation.

Making contact with healthcare more efficient

According to the Swedish Government and the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, Sweden will be a world leader in the E-Health sector by 2025. ‘Efficiency’ and ‘Availability’ are two of the key principles driving this vision forward, and they are also two key principles for us. Aurora Innovation has for many years assisted the healthcare industry with their high demands regarding availability. Our communication solutions Aurora teleQ and Aurora spondi continue to make contact with healthcare providers more efficient. Thanks to our new partnership agreement with Tele2, more segments will be able to use Aurora Innovation’s products and services with Tele2 as operator.

“Together we will be able to offer more companies and organisations the possibility to increase efficiency”, said Katarina Svensson.

Digitalisation of companies and organisations

IT and telecom are integral parts of employees’ work environments and people are used to solutions that work well in their private lives. As employees use more digitalised services, the requirements from customers for better and more efficient customer service increases. Efforts focused on flexible IT and telecom solutions are therefore vital for delivering world-class customer service.

For more information, please contact:

Katarina Svensson

Aurora Innovation – CEO

+4670-598 94 77,  katarina.svensson@aurorainnovation.com

Petra Månsson

Aurora Innovation – Marketing Manager

+4672-237 15 01, petra.mansson@aurorainnovation.com

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