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Lack of digital skills should not be allowed to impact access to healthcare

There is regular public discussion on digital skills and their lack in connection with healthcare services. At its best, the diversification of healthcare channels and ways of treating patients makes everyday life more flexible. Additionally, the workload of healthcare services run by small resources will become more manageable when the majority of patients can be…

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A communication solution for reducing stress in care administration

Stress levels during workdays have decreased for nurses at a care administration in Värnamo, Sweden, thanks to an upgrade in their communication system with Aurora…

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TeleQ: the key to a calmer dental service in Linköping

In Sweden, Linköping’s dental team and practitioner service currently uses Aurora teleQ as its communication solution for managing patient contacts. In this article, we’ll hear…

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Janakkala healthcare center

In spring 2023, the Janakkala healthcare center in Finland started a pilot which succeeded in significantly decreasing the number of calls, and made care paths…

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Improving dental clinic availability with Aurora teleQ

The effective management of patient calls and appointments is a crucial aspect of running any successful dental clinic. Smile, a dental clinic located in the…

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Fertility Fusion

Better management and control of patient calls with Aurora teleQ Fertility Fusion is a leading provider of fertility treatment in North West, UK, offering a…

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Merimetsa Dental Clinic

From a hectic work environment to a calm workplace with happier employees and customers Merimetsa Dental Clinic is one of the leading dental clinics in…

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Ylöjärvi healthcare center customers praise the level of service – Aurora teleQ is a key part of customer satisfaction Finding ways to balance the hectic…

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Capio Healthcare Center Sävja

Capio Healthcare Center Sävja in Uppsala have been using Aurora teleQ for many years. A while back they started using the SMS module as well as the…

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Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Ocidental

CHLO had troubles answering the high number of calls coming in every day. The employees suffered both disturbance and inefficiency. As a result CHLO contacted…

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Evangelic-Lutheran Church in Finland

ELCF, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Finland, has been operating a helpline for the public for the past 54 years. There are around 1500 volunteers…

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The start-up company Paydrive chose to implement the telecommunications solution Aurora teleQ in the spring of 2017. This was done in order to meet the…

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VUmc is one of eight University Medical Centers in the Netherlands. Yearly around 100 000 people visit this Amsterdam based clinic for the first time….

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