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Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Ocidental


by Louise Wahlström

CHLO had troubles answering the high number of calls coming in every day. The employees suffered both disturbance and inefficiency. As a result CHLO contacted Aurora Innovation to to find a solution to the problems.

CHLO’s goal is to make sure that all patients that call the hospital should get called back the same day. For a long time, they experienced poor phone availability. As they started to receive written complaints from patients, they knew that they had to find a solution for the problem. They wanted a stable and user-friendly digital solution that would secure the hospitals phone reception and availability.

A digital platform for patient contact

CHLO came in contact with the Swedish company Aurora Innovation, who offers a user-friendly digital platform for patient contact. The digital platform, Aurora teleQ, offers a callback feature which schedules a callback time for the patients. This reduces the patients’ waiting time on the phone and gives the phone operators more time to prepare the call. The digital platform Aurora teleQ is easy to set up. All that is needed is a computer with an internet connection and a telephone with a direct line.

Positive feedback

CHLO has been using the digital platform Aurora teleQ since 2017 and they are very satisfied. Aurora teleQ helps the phone operators organize their work and thanks to the callback feature they experience better distribution of the calls during the day. As a result, they feel that they can offer better and more professional service to the patients. The patients are spending less time waiting on the phone, knowing they will be called back the same day. CHLO now has great phone availability and the written complaints from the patients have decreased drastically.

“The CHLO was the first hospital in Portugal to adhere to the platform and we were seduced to the simplicity of the system.”

Dra. Isabel Cabral, Direção de SGD do Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Ocidental

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