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Flexible phone queue with Aurora teleQ Call Queue

Call Queue means that the caller waits in a queue. No specific information needs to be provided, which is an advantage if the caller wants to remain anonymous or has problems pressing buttons in a phone dialogue. When it’s time for the call, the agent selects the call with a single click in Aurora teleQ.

The organisation can choose whether and how often automatic queue messages should be played. Queue notifications that can be used include estimated waiting time, the number of calls in the queue ahead of the caller and/or the healthcare centre’s own message, for example informing the caller that information is available on the healthcare centre’s website.

Good overview of all waiting calls

The agent has a full overview of how many people are trying to make contact and how long they have been in the phone queue. The agent can decide for themselves which calls are to be dealt with and in what order. By asking the caller for identifiying information, i.e. national healthcare ID such as NHS number, the agent can view this information before picking up a call. This enables the agent to be better prepared for the call.

The comprehensive and user-friendly statistical reports that are available provide information that facilitates staffing of the call queue. Additionally, Aurora teleQ statistics show a range of useful information, such as the peak hour traffic for the healthcare provider.

Link units to the same phone queue

Multiple units can link to the same phone queue. This will enable a higher level of collaboration accross multiple sites. There is no need for a shared PBX or shared operator, this allows agents from different workplaces to serve the same phone queue.

Benefits of Call Queue:

  • Full overview of all incoming calls
  • The caller does not need to select any options or provide additional information before the call
  • Silent phones
  • Ability to collaborate on incoming calls
  • Useful for those with short waiting times


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