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Integrations with other systems

Healthcare providers face a challenge to find a balance between direct patient care, phone calls and digital care, and finding the optimal digital tools and solutions. Furthermore, managing isolated communication channels and disconnected solutions is expensive. If digitalisation is to make a difference in people’s lives, different channels such as chat, voice, text messages, sensors, triage services, medical record systems, etc. must all be integrated in a carefully considered manner.

We believe in making the communication channel as smooth as possible for both patient and healthcare provider. To be able to do this and to continuously improve the work we actively integrate with other high-quality products and systems.

Automation and self service enabled by the Aurora teleQ API

We offer seamless integration using the Aurora teleQ API. Our API enables other platforms and systems to generate tasks within our system – creating a contact channel to reach the care provider.

Decision support and information

The Aurora teleQ is integrated with a number of medical record systems and other decision support and information systems in order to provide easy access to medical record data during ongoing patient contacts.

SSO and Directory sync

We also apply SSO and directory sync for a smooth point of entry into the healthcare system, without unnecessary healthcare administration.

Years of experience

We have many years of experience in managing patient contacts with simple, user-friendly interfaces, for both patients and healthcare providers. We know what it takes to connect fragmented communication channels between the patient and the healthcare system into one, holistic solution.

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