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Time-scheduled callback yields more satisfied patients

With time-scheduled Callback, your healthcare provider can increase its availability, offer both better and more flexible service. Even with high numbers of people calling at the same time. Callback is the core of Aurora teleQ. In simplified terms, it means a telephony service with time-scheduled automatic callback. Once the healthcare provider’s work schedule has been loaded into Aurora teleQ, the system will calculate, when incoming calls can be handled with the time-scheduled callback. Fast, smooth and efficient.

Time-scheduled callback improves both the ability of patients to contact healthcare services and the work situation for all employees. Aurora teleQ manages incoming phone calls and the phones become silent, contributing to reduced stress. The caller always get an answer and knows when the healthcare unit will get back in touch. The patient does not have to wait in long phone queues or keep calling back time and time again. The scheduled callback calls are distributed according to the organisation’s staffing, allowing the healthcare staff to calmly take one call at a time. The organisation itself decides how much preparation time or follow-up work is needed for each call.

With Aurora teleQ’s powerful statistical reports, work in the organisation can followed up. This enables the organisation to evaluate their work and strive for optimal capacity.

Optimise according to the healthcare provider’s resources

Aurora teleQ is optimised according to the healthcare provider’s available staff resources and work schedule. This is suitable for both large organisations that have a high and/or uneven call volume and small units that want to be available at all times, but don’t always have time to answer the phone.

Better patient treatment

With time-scheduled callback, no patients are lost and technology allows healthcare staff to focus on communication. In Aurora teleQ, the healthcare provider can also record personal messages, providing a personal touch even though it is an automated service.

Benefits of time-scheduled Callback:

  • 62% of the Swedish population want to be called back at a specific time
  • No missed calls, everyone gets through
  • The patient does not have to wait in a phone queue and is called back at a specific time
  • Saves time for both patients and employees
  • Phones are quiet and time allocated for each call, helping to reduce stress.
  • Plan tasks more efficiently


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