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The market’s smartest response groups in Aurora teleQ

Push gives you and your users a flexible telephony solution, as Push makes it possible to answer calls even when you’re not at your computer. Calls are connected to the agent’s phone and do not need to be linked to specific phones or workplaces.

Staff can log into the response group using a computer or directly via a phone. As staff log into the response group via their phone, they do not need to have access to a fixed workplace or predefined phone. Do you work in an organisation where your employees are mobile and are not always sitting in front of a computer? If so, the Push function in Aurora teleQ is your obvious choice.

Flexible phone queue management

Push is based on the Call Queue function. This means that the organisation can work in parallel with agents who are at a computer and staff who need to be more mobile. When the caller has contacted the healthcare centre via phone, the call is placed in a queue and can be found in the task list for the healthcare centre. When an agent is free, the call is pushed out to the agent, alternatively when an agent is ready, they pick up the call from the call list in Aurora teleQ.

This function is ideal for organisations such as those with various kinds of on-call operations. On-call staff can be reached on one single number, whoever is on duty or however many there are. This means less downtime, fewer manual lists and less unnecessary administration.

Benefits of Push:

  • All members of the response group can be reached on one single number
  • Flexible, healthcare staff can work from any phone
  • It’s easy to change or add people to the response group
  • Quick and easy to log in, everyone has a personal login
  • Ideal for healthcare centres with staff who are “on the move”


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