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One number for all calls with menu option in Aurora teleQ

The phone menu in Aurora teleQ receives all calls and provides the caller with clear instructions. The caller then chooses where they want to be connected or what the call concerns. A simple way to save time and increase patient satisfaction is to let callers choose for themselves where they want to be connected.

An interactive phone menu is set up to guide callers to the correct function.

The caller is met by a welcome message, followed by one or more informative messages, and then a menu. The menu is designed according to the needs of the organisation and can contain different options at different times of the day. The interactive phone menus in Aurora teleQ are fully dynamic and can be combined in several steps. The healthcare centre itself creates the instructions that are given, which means that the unit can always provide tailored service to its patients.

Customise options

It’s easy to create and adapt the menu options based on the healthcare centre’s needs.

To create a customised telephony solution for each healthcare centre, each menu option is linked to a function. This means that the organisation can, for example, give the caller the opportunity to:

  • be called back at a specific time
  • wait in the queue
  • leave a voicemail message – Voicemail or Voicemail Plus
  • select the language
  • be sent an SMS
  • be connected to another healthcare centre

One point of entry

It should be easy to get in touch with the healthcare provider. By using one single phone number for your healthcare centre, the organisation can facilitate communication for both your patients and your employees. The healthcare centre itself decides which welcome message the callers will receive and which options will follow.

Benefits of the Aurora teleQ Phone Menu:

  • One point of entry, simplifies communication for both patients and employees
  • The caller always receives the same service
  • The patient chooses where to be connected
  • Easy to create and customise menu options
  • Simplifies your company’s work process
  • Connect to other modules in Aurora teleQ to provide even better service to patients


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