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Increased availability with chat

A large proportion of patients nowadays looking for services online, they want it to be easy to access healthcare. As it’s important to offer accessible and personal patient contacts. By using the chat function in Aurora teleQ, the healthcare unit’s availability can be increased and the target group can be broadened at the same time.

Many points of entry

Many people today, especially young people, communicate more online than by phone. Having multiple different channels and points of entry open to those seeking healthcare increases the level of service, while at the same time saving the healthcare unit a great deal of time by working in the same platform. In addition, chat enables more people to access the healthcare unit, such as people with a disability.

Easy to integrate

The person seeking contact initiates the chat via a website. The Chat function is easy to integrate on any website. All patient communication takes place in Aurora teleQ’s interface for healthcare staff, and no new windows are opened. The chat in Aurora teleQ can be scheduled at individual, separate times or at the same time as a booked call.

Benefits of Chat:

  • Provides patients with better, more efficient service
  • Increases the healthcare centre’s availability
  • Easily accessible, personal service
  • Easy way to reach a broader target group
  • Patients can get quick answers to simple questions
  • Collects the whole organisation’s communication together in one single platform


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