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Offer your patients the best possible service and availability

Aurora teleQ is a modern communication solution for managing patient contacts that streamlines the flow of communication between patient and healthcare provider. The structured and intuitive call booking system with time-scheduled callback rationalises daily work and reduces phone stress for healthcare professionals. Manual administration is minimised and staff have a calmer work environment and more time for each patient, enhancing the perception of high service and quality.


Flexible and simple

You decide for yourself how comprehensive you want your Aurora teleQ service to be. The communication solution offers many channels, such as phone, SMS, chat and video calls. As the system is scalable and can be tailored to the needs of the organisation, functions and channels can be added as you go. The product works with landline, mobile and IP telephony, and can be used with or without a PBX.


A part of the ecosystem

Aurora teleQ has an API designed to interact with other systems, making it easy to connect it to other digital solutions. Together with our application partners, we are building an ecosystem that focuses on a safe, seamless communication channel between patient and healthcare provider.

A communication solution adapted and tailored to meet your needs

Aurora teleQ consists of several communication channels and functions, all in one single interface. Aurora teleQ is suitable for both small and large organisations, the system is scalable, adaptable and we tailor the solution according to the customer’s needs and resources. Thanks to our APIs, Aurora teleQ can easily be integrated with other digital healthcare applications and communication systems, to further increase the benefit of the tool.

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