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A voicemail solution with that little extra

Voicemail Plus is a voicemail solution with that little extra. A function that increases the likelihood that the healthcare centre will receive all the information it needs. Voicemail Plus gives you a phone solution that helps the organisation to increase availability and optimise the allocation of staff resources.

By allowing the patients themselves to help with basic tasks and provide certain information directly in the system about, for example, a cancellation, the healthcare centre can free up time that can be better spent on other tasks. The added availability also increases the likelihood that the healthcare centre will be informed, on time, of cancelled appointments, which in turn can be offered to other patients. That’s what we call good phone service!

Always the right number

Managing cancellations via a “normal” voicemail solution can be both time-consuming and cumbersome. With Voicemail Plus, the healthcare centre can let the caller key in their identifying number and phone number directly via the phone in combination with a voice message. It’s also possible to omit the voice message and allow the caller to simply enter information such as their personal ID number and phone number. This phone service is ideal, for example, for appointment cancellations, repeat prescriptions and sick reports by your own staff.

Voicemail Plus reduces margin of error

The healthcare centre can use this function to minimise the risk of errors. As the caller keys in certain information, there is less of a risk that the agent might, for example, not understand or hear what is being said or the caller might fail to provide some important information. If necessary, it’s easy to phone the caller, as the phone number has already been entered.

Benefits of Voicemail Plus:

  • Increases the healthcare centre’s availability
  • Minimises the risk of errors or missing information
  • No misunderstandings regarding personal ID numbers or phone numbers
  • Streamlines the healthcare centre’s work processes


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