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Call Duo – let your patients choose

With Aurora teleQ and Call Duo, you can offer your patients a phone service that includes both call queue and callback. Let the caller choose between waiting in a phone queue or being called back at a specific time. We know that no two individuals are the same. Some people find it convenient and practical to be called back, while others prefer to remain in a phone queue.

Call queue or callback – combined or stand-alone

Call Duo improves and optimises availability for service-oriented organisations. Call Duo includes both call queue and callback. These functions can be used as stand-alone or in combination. When needed, Call Duo can be used for waiting calls only or for callback. Alternatively the caller can choose for himself/herself or if the phone queue is full, callback is automatically offered. Whichever option is chosen, the result is that the organisation increases its flexibility and availability.

Increased availability

The Call Duo solution is perceived as positive among callers, thanks to the freedom of choice. Callers are free to choose for themselves whether to stay in a phone queue or to be called back. Callers also receive continuous information about when their calls will be answered, if they choose to remain in the queue. Call Duo is a smart choice for both your organisation and your patients.

Benefits of Call Duo:

  • Freedom of choice increases patient satisfaction
  • Easy to manage peaks in telephony
  • Smart choice for you and your patients
  • The unit selects which messages the patient hears while waiting and how often they are played


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