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Quick and easy patient dialogue via SMS

SMS messages are used every day to communicate, and are a quick and easy way to send and receive information. To increase the availability of your healthcare centre and improve patient communication, we offer a number of SMS services in Aurora teleQ.

One of the most popular add-ons in Aurora teleQ is SMS, and in particular the option to send SMS messages from Tasks. SMS messages sent can be sent as free text, predefined texts or a combination of these. The function is used to give feedback to the caller without having to contact them via a phone call. It can be used, for example, to confirm a cancellation, a repeat prescription or that healthcare staff have tried to get in touch with the person without success.

More efficient patient contact with automated SMS messages

Do patients sometimes not answer when called? With SMS, healthcare centres can easily send a reminder or confirmation to their patients. A reminder increases the chances of patients being prepared when called. By sending a confirmation, the patient knows that the case has been received and that they will receive feedback, which increases patient satisfaction.

Send SMS messages before or after a call

With SMS, Aurora teleQ can send out an automatic message after the call has ended. The service is useful, for example, when sending out a questionnaire. With this function, the healthcare centre can get immediate feedback on how the patient felt about the contact.

The healthcare centre can offer certain information via SMS directly in the phone menu. As an example, the patient could receive a message with a link to a form where they can, for example, provide a medical history. This function is suitable for healthcare centres that need a detailed description before the actual call takes place.

Benefits of SMS:

  • Capture customers who unable, unwilling or don’t have time to answer the phone
  • Efficient way of communicating information
  • The chances of patients being prepared to be called are greatly increased
  • Patients receive confirmation that the case has been received and that they will receive feedback
  • Possibility to use free text for a more personal service


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