Additional training & operational development

Additional training

In addition to the startup training, we offer you, the customer, access to continuous additional training so that you and your users are always aware of new functionality in Aurora teleQ. A training path with additional training for Users and Administrators that have been working in the system for a while and need to develop the way to work. We cover topics such as the latest new features in our services. We adapt the training to meet your needs, with a focus on statistics and improvements, and offer recommendations on how to make optimal use of all the smart functions in the system. Advanced training can be carried out on site or remotely online. If you have multiple units, training can take place simultaneously.


Operational development: Our services help you achieve maximum availability

Our skilled and experienced operational consultants accompany you throughout the journey with Aurora teleQ and offer help with continuous operational development. With their help, you will have the opportunity to further refine not only the system’s performance, but also your internal processes. Our operational consultants have extensive experience and accumulated knowledge from many different user cases, giving you access to best practice in terms of how others have used teleQ as smartly and efficiently as possible.


We offer the following services and training courses:

  • Fresh start in Aurora teleQ
  • Aurora teleQ consulting services
  • Complementary Administrator training
  • Post-tags
  • 15 + 15 digital training
  • Aurora teleQ councils
  • Aurora teleQ user groups


Fresh start in Aurora teleQ

Inspirational start-up with a user group concept with accessibility and operational focus.
Aimed at business managers and teleQ managers. followed by, In-depth analysis where we analyse the businesses with the lowest accessibility and/or where needs have been identified. Then we do a review of in-depth analysis with a walk through of the analysis and suggested actions. And lastly we have a follow-up meeting when needed to follow-up on implemented changes and effect on availability and work environment.


Aurora teleQ consulting services

The course is aimed at those responsible at the healthcare provider and/or responsible for Aurora teleQ. The course provides a unique opportunity to use our experienced availability experts to increase resource efficiency and thereby improve the working climate, while simultaneously increasing availability for patients.

We provide training in various formats such as workshops and webinars, on site or digitally. The courses look at areas such as statistics, staffing proposals, for how to create a dynamic and effective work method in Aurora teleQ, but also how to schedule and the small steps you can take to enhance your availability.

Our experience tells us that good availability starts with an operational analysis, in which we work together to review the healthcare centre’s communication workflows in contact with the patient. This analysis identifies time-consuming and inefficient flows and processes and identifies areas where we can free up time and resources in the organisation.

Our experience tells us that good availability starts with an operational analysis, in which we work together to review the healthcare centre’s communication workflows in contact with the patient. This analysis identifies time-consuming and inefficient flows and processes and identifies areas where we can free up time and resources in the organisation.

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Complementary administrator training

This course is for those who work as an administrator in Aurora teleQ. You may have been taught by a colleague or “inherited” the role of administrator and feel you need to learn more. During the course, we’ll go through how to manage users, make changes to schedules and manage cases, and we’ll update you on the latest new features in teleQ. Finally, we’ll give you a run-through of our reports and the statistics you can obtain. The course lasts three hours and can be provided physically or remotely.



Healthcare providers receive large numbers of incoming calls to their units, consuming an enormous amount of resources in the form of staff who are tied to the phone for large parts of the day. But we are less aware of WHAT the calls are about. To facilitate the handling of calls, we want to streamline and automate as many elements as possible. To succeed in this, it takes an understanding of what the calls are about – our operational consultants offer support in achieving this. The Post-tags service includes consultancy support to review the results of post-tags and making appropriate adjustments in order to streamline and automate.


15 + 15 digital training

Shorter digital education on a specific theme.
15 minutes' walk through + 15 minutes Q&A-session.

Theme examples:

  • Schedule i Aurora teleQ
  • The most common reports in Aurora teleQ
  • Different possibilities to close in Aurora teleQ
  • Video in Aurora teleQ
  • Recording and activation of messages in Aurora teleQ


Aurora teleQ councils

At the heart of collaboration with Aurora Innovation’s customers is the Aurora teleQ councils. The members of Aurora teleQ councils are appointed by the healthcare organisation and normally consist of experienced individuals who work out in the healthcare centres, close to the patients. It is an advantage if different types of operational areas are represented, such as primary care, specialist care and dental care. The healthcare organisation's telephony and/or IT coordinator will also usually be a member of Aurora teleQ councils. These people also convene the Aurora teleQ councils meetings. The Aurora teleQ councils is where knowledge is shared between members, both between Aurora Innovation and users, and between users in different operational areas. The Aurora teleQ councils meets regularly and based on an annual plan. The healthcare organisation has a designated contact person at Aurora Innovation.

The purpose of the Aurora teleQ councils is to develop sustainable guidelines and to secure solutions and functionality before they are taken into use. Issues raised here include availability and other operational issues that affect the performance and use of Aurora teleQ. Capio Närsjukvård, Region Östergötland, Kronoberg and Kalmar are all examples of customers who are continuously organising these forums together with us at Aurora, and we can see that a great deal of good emerges from them. The forum offers customers the opportunity to be involved and have an influence by being pilots, superusers, making direct contact with us as a supplier, and also studying how problems have been solved for other customers.


Aurora teleQ user groups

The network is another forum where approx. 1–2 people from each healthcare centre participate. The target group for these meetings is teleQ administrators at the healthcare centres, the customer’s teleQ managers, and our sales and other partners. The difference between these forums is that the teleQ network is a broader forum aimed at more participants. External speakers can also be invited to these sessions. The forums feature presentations of what has been produced/tested/decided on in the teleQ council.


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