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Easy access via the web – Aurora teleQ Web Entrance

Allow patients to book appointments and perform simple tasks online at any time

This will increase access to healthcare even more, why not offer contact via the web? Patients can use Web Entrance to access healthcare at any time of the day and perform simple tasks themselves, such as making an appointment for a callback or video call, cancelling and leaving other messages, or submitting a request for a repeat prescription.

Benefits for both patients and healthcare staff

Web Entrance offers many benefits for patients. The channel is always available and patients can contact the healthcare unit at a time that suits them. This will increase the experience of high availability and service. It allows contact with the healthcare system even for those who have impaired hearing or are in a noisy environment, and it can feel easier to choose times, provide information and answer questions without any time pressure.

All tasks and Callbacks are accessible in Aurora teleQ, together with the healthcare centre’s other contacts. This makes life easier for healthcare staff working in their regular interface, who are not affected by the patient having been given another “point of entry” to the healthcare system.

Tailored web form

Web Entrance functions as a web form that is displayed on the preferred web page of the healthcare centre. The healthcare centre creates the questions that the patient fills in. As these questions can be tailored, the clinic can decide what information the patient needs to provide when booking a callback or other contact. This provides the clinic with an additional opportunity to manage its cases efficiently.

The patient completes the web form and selects a suitable day and time to be called/contacted (based on the healthcare centre’s own schedule), and enters their contact details and any additional information that the clinic has chosen to request. When all the information has been filled in, a case is created in Aurora teleQ. The agent handles the case in exactly the same way as other contacts in Aurora teleQ.

Benefits of Web Entrance:

  • The channel is always available
  • Tailored questions prior to patient contact
  • Enhanced service


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