Integration Partners

We believe in making the communication channel as smooth as possible for both patient and healthcare provider. We are constantly improving our offering. In order to do this, we are always looking for integration partners to collaborate with. We offer seamless integration using the Aurora teleQ API.

With Aurora teleQ, you have a well-established communication channel for Healthcare Providers. Partnering with Aurora teleQ is valuable, whether your business focuses on triage, monitoring, screening, decision support, digital contact channels or in any other solution that benefits from patient and healthcare provider coming into contact with each other. We also apply SSO and directory sync for a smooth point of entry into the healthcare system, without unnecessary healthcare administration. The Aurora teleQ is also integrated with a number of medical record systems, in order to provide easy access to medical record data during ongoing patient contacts.

Become our integration partner

We follow five simple steps to onboard our integration partners:


  1. Define the Value: We always start by defining the value for the end user. Determine the desired user flow resulting from the integration of our products and how it contributes to creating a better work environment for healthcare providers and a smoother patient journey.
  2. Design Lab: We dive deep into the user experience and detail user flows. Our partners gain access to our test environment and API Keys to explore the integration possibilities.
  3. Finalize a Sustainable Solution: The solution we create together should be easily scalable and enduring. This involves designing operational services connected to the technical solution. For instance, consider the process for ordering and implementing the integration, and whether training material or additional documentation is needed.
  4. Pilot: We implement and pilot the solution, evaluate its performance, and refine as necessary.
  5. Formalize and Commercialize: The application partner agreement formalizes our collaboration on the integration. It serves as a declaration of intent as we move forward together.

Contact us and we can discuss how our solutions can contribute to a better work environment for healthcare providers and an easier patient journey!