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Sometimes a phone call is not enough

To make it easier for the healthcare service and patients, healthcare staff can easily switch from a phone call to a video call in one single appointment, in one single system. This makes contact more efficient and makes it easier for healthcare staff to make a diagnosis or determine how urgent a case is.

Increases availability

As a patient, describing what something looks like can be a time-consuming process. In Aurora teleQ, it’s easy to switch from a phone call to a video call when required. There’s no need for a separate digital waiting room, but healthcare staff and the patient can both switch channel easily from phone to video if needed. This increases availability and is simple and flexible for both healthcare staff and patients.

Accurate healthcare on the patient’s terms

Video calls are becoming an increasingly common tool, not least in healthcare, where this option has attracted a lot of attention. The method contributes to more accurate healthcare, with a higher quality of care. Another benefit is the reduced risk of infection spreading in waiting rooms. Of course, video should not be used by everyone and for everything, but we do see, for example, advice over the phone or follow-up visits as given areas of application in the healthcare service. Video helps you to offer healthcare on the patient’s terms, a form of contact that can be better adapted to the patient’s life situation.

Easy to use

Video calls can be used in many ways. The healthcare centre can easily give patients the opportunity to book video calls directly online. Alternatively, agents can book the video calls themselves. A third option is often used by the nurse in consultations, where no booking is required, and the switch from phone to video takes place directly with Aurora teleQ.  If the patient has something they want to show, this can easily be done by switching from phone to video.

Benefits of Video:

  • Increases the healthcare centre’s availability
  • Makes the conversation easier for both healthcare staff and patients
  • Saves valuable time for all parties
  • Gives patients better and more efficient service
  • Easier to determine how urgent a case is


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