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Lack of digital skills should not be allowed to impact access to healthcare

There is regular public discussion on digital skills and their lack in connection with healthcare services. At its best, the diversification of healthcare channels and ways of treating patients makes everyday life more flexible. Additionally, the workload of healthcare services run by small resources will become more manageable when the majority of patients can be…

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Benefits of a digital communication platform in healthcare

Nicole Hendriks-Mol talks about the benefits of a digital communication platform in healthcare which was broadcasted in the television program “Building the Future” of #SBS6…

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I’ll never forget a fellow nurse’s quick reaction when I needed help

  As I think back to my nurse’s career, I tend to think about the busy work days and long to-do lists. I worked as…

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New video: We are saving your time

Several years into the COVID 19 pandemic, healthcare organizations all over the world continue facing tremendous challenges in offering access to care services. The technology…

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