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Lack of digital skills should not be allowed to impact access to healthcare

There is regular public discussion on digital skills and their lack in connection with healthcare services. At its best, the diversification of healthcare channels and ways of treating patients makes everyday life more flexible. Additionally, the workload of healthcare services run by small resources will become more manageable when the majority of patients can be…

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How have My Settings improved?

We are constantly working on improving Aurora teleQ, and a step we have long planned for has been to modernise My Settings. We have previously…

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Länsi-Pohja healthcare region adopts a new way to guide customers to the appropriate care pathways

Aurora Innovation and Klinik Healthcare Solutions have developed a multichannel solution that utilizes AI in order to make healthcare more efficient and speed up getting…

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Join Our Mission: Exploring technology and innovation in healthcare to transform patient care

In a previous article, Discover how 20 years of technology is transforming patient care | Aurora Innovation, Inside Aurora Innovation featured insights from Jagoda Kosewska…

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Discover how 20 years of technology is transforming patient care

For more than two decades, Aurora Innovation has been helping healthcare providers increase their availability, easing the communication flow between patient and provider. This article…

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Healthtech pioneer Aurora Innovation appoints new CEO – expands in Europe with service that streamlines patient-healthcare interaction

The Swedish health technology company pursues international growth with new leadership and increased focus on innovation and software development. UPPSALA, Sweden (March 26th, 2024) Aurora…

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Spring 2024 news in Aurora teleQ

Spring 2024 will be a grand one, with several new features and updates to Aurora teleQ. We hope that you will find Aurora teleQ even…

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Aurora Innovation’s new Chief Human Resources officer, CHRO Lena W Jansson: HR is business crucial and enables the company’s success.

Aurora Innovation, a health technology company focusing on the accessibility of healthcare services, has appointed Lena W Jansson as Chief Human Resources Officer, CHRO, starting…

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Aurora Innovation’s new Country Manager for Finland and the Baltics, Antti Luoto: Digitalization must not erode multi-channel service

Aurora Innovation, a health technology company focusing on the accessibility of healthcare services, has appointed Antti Luoto as Country Manager for Finland and the Baltics….

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From pioneering to a customer focused ambition in the healthcare sector

10 years of Aurora Innovation in the Netherlands (2013-2023) It all started with a strong belief in improving patient satisfaction and providing a better work…

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Aurora Innovation – now part of the Dstny Alliance Program 

Aurora Innovation expands its collaboration with Dstny and becomes part of the Dstny Alliance Program – a platform for collaboration and increased innovation, with the…

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Welcome Joakim Adolfson, new Chief Technology Officer at Aurora Innovation

We are very happy to welcome our new Chief Technology Officer, Joakim Adolfson, to Aurora Innovation. He holds a double degree from KTH (Royal Institute…

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Most nurses say Aurora teleQ improves workflow and calms down the working environment

Aurora Innovation’s customer survey, conducted in Finland, reveals that the Aurora teleQ system brings great added value to healthcare professionals. The survey was sent to…

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