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Join Our Mission: Exploring technology and innovation in healthcare to transform patient care


by Lisa Öhberg

In a previous article, Discover how 20 years of technology is transforming patient care | Aurora Innovation, Inside Aurora Innovation featured insights from Jagoda Kosewska and Mathias Tunared, who are part of different teams dedicated to the development of the Aurora teleQ product.  Building on the discussion, this article delves deeper into the technology culture at Aurora, and highlights ongoing efforts to recruit collaborative minds eager to drive innovation forward within the healthcare industry.

Streamlining healthcare: Aurora Innovation’s technological insights 

Aurora teleQ offers a communication solution designed to facilitate a range of interactions between patients and nurses. Whether through traditional calls, chat, or video, the system supports communication across multiple platforms. This need for adaptability means that the technology development team in Aurora Innovation needs to continuously innovate and refine their systems, a characteristic that Mathias explains further: 

“We’re an innovative group of people, not only in software and development, but within the whole company. We look for solutions to help the functions that the agents use. We’re passionate about ideas that come from customers, because they’re also innovators as some use the product on a daily basis.” 

Software developers at Aurora Innovation are both passionate as well as exceptionally talented, consistently working to stay on top of trends and innovations, within and beyond the healthcare industry. Tech Talks and Hackathons are two cultural initiatives which Jagoda and Mathias help organise to drive technology advancements and creative problem-solving within the company. 


Aurora Tech Talks: 

Tech Talks are a recent initiative that focuses on learning from one another, where team members share insights about the latest technology developments and discuss their experiences. Jagoda explains how it’s helpful to understand what team members are working on, what their skills and knowledge are, and it helps build teamwork throughout the organisation.  

“If we don’t know how to do something, it increases the visibility of other team members that can help solve it, rather than us trying to solve it on our own.”

Knowledge sharing, team building and learning together leads to skills enhancement and creating an innovation culture within the company. It builds a mindset where the team can stay on top of things. Tech Talks are designed to facilitate learning, and the approach helps team members gain insights from each other’s unique problem-solving techniques, as Jagoda explains further: 

“We had one Tech Talk about how to write a good software test. What’s a good test, and what’s a bad test. The entire discussion was about how we can do software testing better and we were able to integrate some of the learnings from that Tech Talk into our workflow.” 


In addition to Tech Talks, Aurora Innovation organises hackathons to help build a culture of innovation, encouraging creative problem-solving and actively creating new solutions during the hackathon sessions. Mathias opens with his extensive experience in creating hackathons: 

“I’ve been creating hackathons since 2008 and I’ve seen organised sessions, and sessions which are more social. The hackathons that I’ve seen that work well are very organised, so that’s the way that we create them at Aurora Innovation.” 

Participants are divided into groups with a specific task to solve, and at the end of the day the team has something to work with. Hackathons are usually reserved on every second Friday, aligning with the company’s policy of dedicating this time to employee education. 

Jagoda and Mathias touch on the type of employee Aurora Innovation looks for and the benefits of working for the company. There’s an importance in the company of being innovative, enthusiastic, and genuinely interested in exploring new things. Mathias elaborates on the potential for career growth within the company and the supportive and collaborative work environment: 

“We have a development spirit in our company that everyone has a say in what we’re doing. That way, each team member feels involved in the product creation process. And that’s the strength in our company, also in terms of size, that we can involve team members to create a holistic product.” 

When Aurora Innovation takes in new recruits, they’re able to bring their knowledge forward and grow professionally. Jagoda and Mathias describe it as a learning environment, with potential to migrate to other parts of the organisation such as product management, or sales. 

A commitment to technological simplicity

As Aurora Innovation continues to create advancements in healthcare communication technology, the focus remains on simplicity and ease of use, both for healthcare providers and their patients. This dedication also positions Aurora as a desirable workplace for professionals who are passionate about technology and healthcare. By joining Aurora Innovation, new employees contribute to a team that values innovation and user-friendly solutions in the complex healthcare industry. 

For those interested in being part of a forward-thinking company that is making healthcare more accessible and efficient, learn more about the opportunities and approach through Simplicity and Ease of Use. 


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