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Building on Simplicity and Ease of Use


by Lisa Öhberg

How does Aurora Innovation build momentum to overcome multiple challenges in the healthcare market such as limited access to healthcare, poor working environments, and resourcing challenges?

We’re addressing these challenges by increasing access to care services, and creating well-functioning work environments for healthcare professionals. This means helping improve the management of their work and making daily work easier through productivity improvements. Over time, this leads to a calmer working environment and improvements in patient work.

It’s about time.

At the end of last year, we wrote that a lack of digital skills shouldn’t be allowed to impact access to healthcare in this article. Focusing on this year, we need to remember the people in the middle of digital services. Both the customers and the healthcare professionals.

With our digital platform for contact management, Aurora teleQ, we contribute to better customer service, an improved experience for people in need of care and a smoother working process for the staff.


Building momentum with simplicity and ease of use.

We know that working in healthcare is tough. We need to respect the nurses’ time and find ways to clear their days from unnecessary challenges. With over nine thousand SaaS service units delivered in Europe and twenty years of market experience, our focus is on improving the customer experience and empowering patients. Our customers are Hospitals, Healthcare centres, Specialist centres, Dentists, and more. Building momentum for us means medical quality and care at the optimal level for our customers.

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