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Lack of digital skills should not be allowed to impact access to healthcare

There is regular public discussion on digital skills and their lack in connection with healthcare services. At its best, the diversification of healthcare channels and ways of treating patients makes everyday life more flexible. Additionally, the workload of healthcare services run by small resources will become more manageable when the majority of patients can be…

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Behind the care: Celebrating International Nurses’ Day

Aurora Innovation’s support for nurses  Nurse Week highlights the crucial role of nurses in healthcare and provides an opportunity to explore how innovative tools like…

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Wishing you a joyful holiday from our CEO Tapani

As we approach the holiday season, I want to take a moment to express my gratitude towards all healthcare workers facing immense challenges. Budget constraints,…

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Benefits of a digital communication platform in healthcare

Nicole Hendriks-Mol talks about the benefits of a digital communication platform in healthcare which was broadcasted in the television program “Building the Future” of #SBS6…

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Public social and healthcare providers must be forced to invest in employee wellbeing

Resources in social and healthcare services are already scarce, and there is pressure to further reduce public spending. For example in Finland, studies show that…

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Tech Meets Health: Srimalee Sonnadara’s Journey as a Test Automation Engineer at Aurora Innovation

Srimalee Sonnadara is a Test Automation Engineer at Aurora Innovation – combining her two greatest interests, technology and healthcare. Srimalee Sonnadara is working with the…

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I’ll never forget a fellow nurse’s quick reaction when I needed help

  As I think back to my nurse’s career, I tend to think about the busy work days and long to-do lists. I worked as…

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Senior citizens get quick help for digital problems remotely – “Many are surprised by how easy the phone service is”

SeniorSurf’s volunteers help older citizens with digital challenges remotely. Many customers are practiced in using digital apps and devices, but help is available for all…

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Nurses and patients need to come first in large-scale renewal and acquisition processes 

The new wellbeing services counties in Finland have made and will make agreements with service providers that can cost tens of millions of euros. In…

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A Partnership Approach

Technology needs to be harnessed to meet the needs of the patient and healthcare services. This means taking a very human approach to healthcare technology,…

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Building on Simplicity and Ease of Use

How does Aurora Innovation build momentum to overcome multiple challenges in the healthcare market such as limited access to healthcare, poor working environments, and resourcing…

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Smart and balanced use of digital channels will help to build sustainable healthcare

The year is drawing to a close. The healthcare industry has continued to be challenged by nurse shortages and a high demand for services. With…

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Anne-Maria Hauhio’s career story: I get inspired by supporting people during major industry changes

In this blog series, we share career stories from the Aurora Innovation team. Key Account Manager Anne-Maria Hauhio started at Aurora in September 2022 and…

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