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2024 news

Spring 2024 news in Aurora teleQ


by Pia

Spring 2024 will be a grand one, with several new features and updates to Aurora teleQ. We hope that you will find Aurora teleQ even better, and of course, we will tell you more about what to expect in upcoming communication and our digital channels. Stay tuned!

Multiparty Video Call

Sometimes a phone call is not enough

Have you been in a situation where it would have made your work easier if you could both see and hear the person calling in? To make it easier for the healthcare service and patients, healthcare staff can easily switch from a phone call to a video call in one single appointment, in one single system. This makes contact more efficient and makes it easier for healthcare staff to make a diagnosis or determine how urgent a case is.

More accurate healthcare

Video calls are becoming an increasingly common tool, not least in healthcare, where this option has attracted a lot of attention. The method contributes to more accurate and a higher quality of healthcare. A more qualitative assessment can be made for the patient straight away, with video providing a better sense of someone’s general condition.

Healthcare on the patient’s terms

Video helps you to offer healthcare on the patient’s terms, creating a form of contact that can be better adapted to the patient’s life situation. It may be physical impediments, social phobias or vast distances from caregivers that hinder some patients from seeking care, and video may assist in overcoming those types of obstacles. Another benefit is the reduced risk of infection spreading in waiting rooms.

Sometimes two people are not enough

With the possibility to add up to three other parties in a video call between patient and caregiver, it opens up for an even greater understanding of the situation. Some examples include adding a translator to the call, a family member who can provide additional information and gain a better understanding, or an expert who can weigh in from the start.


· All in one system

· Multiparty calls

· Integrated chat

· No app needed

· e-ID optional

· Switch from phone to video or start in video

Video report

Number four of our new reports. The possibility to extract information/statistics about completed video calls.

Both Multiparty Video Calls and Video report are currently available for testing! If you are interested in testing this feature, please contact us! 

New appearance

During the upcoming year, multiple parts of Aurora teleQ will receive a more modern and user-friendly appearance.

  • Login page
  • Aurora teleQ header
  • My settings
  • Web Entrance.

Security improvements

Previously communicated security improvements will finally be implemented. For more information, see a previously published news article.

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