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Automated cancellation and rebooking of appointments increase availability in healthcare.


by Pia

CK Surgery’s patients in Stockholm can cancel or rebook their appointments digitally or by phone without waiting for an available healthcare resource. With a few simple steps, patients can call their healthcare provider or use the digital service to cancel or reschedule an appointment at any time. For healthcare staff, this means that a large proportion of the administrative cases are entirely removed and instead handled automatically. 

This is made possible by Zymego Call, which is now accessible to a wider patient base. Behind the service is a partnership between Aurora Innovation and Zymego, which is in collaboration with CK Surgery in Stockholm. The integrated solution enhances healthcare availability by enabling appointments to be automatically rescheduled or canceled 24/7 within medically approved timeframes. 

This collaboration is a big step towards increased patient availability. With Aurora teleQ and Zymego Call, we can now offer a service that is adapted for everyone, regardless of age, and that simplifies the process of managing their healthcare needs, says Clara Landahl from Aurora Innovation about the partnership and work with Zymego Call. 

Nathalie Rohlén at Zymego adds: 

Zymego Call is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. It enables even our older patients to manage their appointments easily and provides peace of mind. We are proud to be the first in the world to offer this service. 

Zymego Call was developed in response to the preference of many elderly patients to manage their appointments by phone due to discomfort with digital tools. Since Aurora Innovation constantly strives to increase patient availability, regardless of age and digital habit, a collaboration with Zymego was initiated to give all patients the same opportunities to manage their bookings. Through Zymego Call, even less digitally savvy patients can manage their bookings around the clock without standing in a phone queue. This innovatively solves the problem by allowing patients to reschedule and cancel appointments over the phone, reducing the staff’s burden. CK Surgery offers Zymego Call to its patients, and the feedback they receive from staff and patients helps improve the solution. 

Malin Lundberg at CK Surgery emphasizes the importance of this initiative: 

Our goal is to increase patient availability and reduce the administrative burden on our staff. These innovative solutions help us take a big step forward towards more efficient and accessible healthcare. 

Aurora Innovation, Zymego, and Carasent collaborated to integrate these services, teleQ and Zymego Call, with the medical record system Webdoc, enabling this complete solution. 

Webdoc is a web-based medical record system developed by Carasent Sweden AB. Andreas Spångberg from Carasent Sweden comments: 

Integrations like these are crucial for creating a seamless and efficient healthcare experience. We are happy that Webdoc can contribute to this important development. 

With this collaboration, Aurora Innovation, Zymego, and CK Surgery set a new standard for patient availability and show the way for future innovations in healthcare. 

For more information, contact: 

  • Malin Lundberg, Vice President CK Surgery 
  • Clara Landahl, Product Business Developer Aurora Innovation
  • Nathalie Rohlén, CEO Zymego
  • Andreas Spångberg, Sales Manager at Carasent Sweden 

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