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Aurora Innovation’s new Chief Human Resources officer, CHRO Lena W Jansson: HR is business crucial and enables the company’s success.


by Lisa Öhberg

Aurora Innovation, a health technology company focusing on the accessibility of healthcare services, has appointed Lena W Jansson as Chief Human Resources Officer, CHRO, starting February 2024.

Lena W Jansson has extensive experience of leading positions from both large and small organizations and companies in both public and private sector as well as in smaller listed companies. Lena has a proven ability to recruit and develop talents in a high-tech environment. Lena comes from the role as Head of communication and talent at Unibap, a space company listed on Nasdaq First North where she also has served as acting CEO. Her educational background lies in Psychology, HR, communication, and digitalization.

“My most valuable insight is that while structure is crucial as a foundation, the magic happens when people thrive, have the opportunities for growth, collaborate to solve challenges and have a good work-life balance. Creating a workplace where individuals can be challenged, learn, contribute, and have fun is what truly motivates me. And I must admit that I find it slightly provocative when the term “soft values” is used when talking about HR. For me HR is business crucial and enables the company’s success”, says Lena W Jansson.

From a strategic standpoint, HR provides invaluable insights and guidance to leadership in aligning human capital with business objectives. By analysing workforce, trends, identifying skill gaps, and forecasting future staffing needs, HR plays a crucial role in driving organizational growth and adaption in a rapidly evolving business landscape. In essence, HR is not merely a support function, but a strategic partner essential for the success and sustainability in a company.

“Also, in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, the integration of AI is reshaping the way business operate. HR will play a critical role in navigating this transformation by ensuring that humas and AI work together seamlessly to create a collective intelligence that drives innovation and productivity. This involves not only providing training and upskilling program to equip employees with the necessary digital literacy and technical skills but also fostering a culture of adaptability and openness to change”, says Lena W Jansson.

Gustaf Leijonhufvud, Chairman of the Board at Aurora Innovation, sees the recruitment as strategically important for the company.

“As we navigate through the ever-changing digital landscape and Aurora’s next steps, the appointment of Lena W Jansson as our new CHRO marks a significant moment in our journey toward sustainable growth. Recognizing HR as a strategic focus area, the board’s decision to bring on a CHRO with a diverse background in HR, communication, digitalization, and psychology reflects our dedication to shaping a workplace ready to embrace the future of work. By tapping into the collective intelligence of our employees and leveraging cutting-edge technology, we’re poised to unlock new opportunities and drive organizational excellence in an increasingly competitive market”, says Gustaf Leijonhufvud.


Photographer: Johan Alp

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