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Länsi-Pohja healthcare region adopts a new way to guide customers to the appropriate care pathways


by Pia

Aurora Innovation and Klinik Healthcare Solutions have developed a multichannel solution that utilizes AI in order to make healthcare more efficient and speed up getting customers started on the correct treatment paths.

HELSINKI, Finland (May 23rd, 2024) – Aurora Innovation, a company offering communications solutions to the healthcare sector, and Finnish health technology company Klinik Healthcare Solutions have started a collaboration with the Länsi-Pohja healthcare hub. With the partnership, healthcare professionals are able to manage all contacts coming in via phone and digital channels, urgency assessment, and preliminary diagnoses from a single interface. The new solution will make the work easier and faster while cutting back on the number of systems in use.

Well-being services counties in Finland may have multiple channels in place to allow customers to contact their healthcare service providers. This leads to healthcare professionals becoming overloaded with constant messages from customers without a clear bigger picture. In some cases, nurses and doctors working in Finland have to use more than ten different, incompatible systems every day, which takes time away from patient work. To customers, heavy processes cause delays in getting the right care.

The technical solution developed by Aurora Innovation and Klinik combines Aurora teleQ and Klinik’s triage AI. When a customer contacts Mehiläinen Länsi-Pohja through the website, the triage can be done quickly with Klinik’s AI without a conversation with a healthcare professional. The AI assesses the urgency of the customer’s health concern and makes a preliminary diagnosis based on the information that the customer gives. Then, a healthcare professional guides the customer to the correct treatment path with Aurora teleQ.

Mehiläinen Länsi-Pohja has already used Aurora teleQ for a few years to manage contacts coming in via phone channels. The new integration with Klinik helps improve the efficiency of work hours even further.

“The benefit of a single system that covers all patient contacts and communications is that it allows us to create processes that support both employees and patients for wellbeing services areas and individual healthcare centers. Bringing AI into the triage phase provides doctors and nurses with comprehensive health information and suggestions for a potential diagnosis, which makes decision-making faster and improves the sense of control on a busy day. When the patient flow is well-managed, customers can get the right care at the right time – whether it’s a digital clinic, a physical reception, or self-care,” says Harri Sormunen, Commercial Director at Klinik Healthcare Solutions.

“Traditional ways of getting in touch with healthcare – like by calling – aren’t going anywhere, although customer contacts through digital channels are increasing strongly. Not all who need care know how to, want to, or are able to use digital channels. A direct, human contact can, in many cases, be necessary and the most effective and customer-friendliest way to handle a customer’s health concern,” says Antti Luoto, Aurora Innovation’s Country Manager for Finland and the Baltics.

Meanwhile, digital channels give patients who prefer digital systems a suitable way to get in touch with healthcare, and they also help reduce the workload that comes from phone contacts.

“The solution we’ve created supports multichannel contacting without putting customers in unequal positions. We will follow its impact over the next few months with concrete measurements. The expectations for the cooperation results are high,” concludes Luoto.

Klinik’s medical AI has been developed in Finland in collaboration with doctors and technology professionals. It is based on a chain of deduction that a doctor does while assessing a patient’s need for care, and it recognizes symptoms very accurately. Klinik Access is a CE-certified medical device and it meets the EU’s efficiency and safety criteria. Klinik’s medical AI helps healthcare professionals process more than ten million patient contacts per year in Finland, the UK, and the Netherlands.

More than 40% of Finland’s population is within reach of Aurora Innovation’s multichannel communications solutions, offered to the basic and specialized healthcare sectors. In Sweden, the number is more than 70%.


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Aurora Innovation is a leading healthcare SaaS specialist dedicated to increasing access to care services and creating well-functioning work environments for healthcare professionals. Aurora teleQ brings together healthcare professionals and people in need of care – at a time that suits both, and through the most convenient means of communication – resulting in a better experience for patients and a smoother process for healthcare professionals. From its headquarters in Sweden and offices in Finland, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain, Aurora Innovation is continuously expanding its leadership into new European markets. For more information, visit www.aurorainnovation.com

Klinik Healthcare Solutions Oy is a Finnish health technology company that provides medical AI-driven digital solutions for healthcare professionals. The team consists of doctors and other healthcare professionals that have knowledge and experience with the challenges in Finnish healthcare. The company has a deep understanding of the ever-growing lack of resources.

Klinik’s AI tool is developed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals. It helps manage their work to be less straining and  save resources in Finland, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Portugal. Klinik’s solutions ensure that patients get the care they need quicker than before, as well as making the professionals’ work more rewarding. At the same time, the company is collecting unique medical data to further develop healthcare services. For more information, visit http://www.klinikhealthcaresolutions.com.

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