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Aurora Innovation - Digital platform for patient contact

Aurora Innovation supports the health and medical care to increase their availability and offer world-class customer service. With our products, you get a flexible communication solution for your entire healthcare center. We tailor-make and adapt the solution to your wishes and requirements; it can for example include callback, chat, e-mail, video, call recording or services independent of a switchboard. 

Aurora teleQ

Do you want to offer your patients the best possible service and achieve 100 percent availability? With Aurora teleQ, your healthcare center will have happier patients and a better working environment through effective case management.
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In health care

Do you want to have a more cost-effective care, more efficient use of public resources and a healthier population? With Aurora teleQ, your healthcare center can achieve both a better working environment and more satisfied patients at a lower cost.
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Are you interested in our solutions and would like to know more? We are pleased to show you our products and services and how you can improve your availability in healthcare.
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