Together with our partners, we create a more accessible healthcare

Increased availability, higher quality and a better work environment

It’s about time

Aurora Innovation has been helping healthcare providers increase their availability for over 20 years. Our Aurora teleQ solution automates the communication flow between patient and healthcare provider, and we make everyday life easier for both healthcare professionals and patients. Time is the most valuable resource we have, and by enabling better availability, reduced queuing and more efficient communication channels, we create scope for both patients and healthcare professionals to have more time.

With more than 20 years’ experience of creating availability, we know what we’re talking about.


Driven by creating value

Our driving force is to help patients gain better access to healthcare – and at the same time create a better work environment for healthcare professionals.


Satisfied customers

We have documented satisfied customers in more than five countries. And we’re proud of that.


Part of an ecosystem

Our partners are incredibly important to us. Together with them, we are building an ecosystem that focuses on a safe, seamless communication channel between patient and healthcare provider.


Helping healthcare to optimise its resources

We help healthcare providers to streamline their work processes and manage unexpected peaks in work. Our solution enables optimal scheduling of staff with the right competence over the day, to achieve a smoother workflow, reduced stress and lower costs.

Our offering

Aurora teleQ

Offer your patients the best possible service and availability
Aurora teleQ is a modern communication solution for managing patient contacts that streamlines the flow of communication between patient and healthcare provider. The structured and intuitive call booking system with time-scheduled callback rationalises daily work and reduces phone stress for healthcare professionals. Manual administration is minimised and staff have a calmer work environment and more time for each patient, enhancing the perception of high service and quality.

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With 20 years’ experience of managing patient contacts, we know what it takes to create greater availability for patients and a better work environment for healthcare professionals. We help those of you who are already working with Aurora teleQ – or who are just about to start using the tool – throughout the entire process, from analysis, planning and implementation to the continued development of your organisation.

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Partners and Resellers

In collaboration with our partners, we create an ecosystem with countless possibilities. We work closely with our partners, both application partners, who create even greater customer value through integrated functions, and sales partners, where our Aurora teleQ solution adds value to their offering.

Customer case studies

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A communication solution for reducing stress in care administration

Stress levels during workdays have decreased for nurses at a care administration in Värnamo, Sweden, thanks to an upgrade in their communication system with Aurora…

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TeleQ: the key to a calmer dental service in Linköping

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