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Capio Healthcare Center Sävja


by Louise Wahlström

Capio Healthcare Center Sävja in Uppsala have been using Aurora teleQ for many years. A while back they started using the SMS module as well as the tool for medical history from Doctrin that is integrated in Aurora teleQ.  Since Capio Sävja are used to working in a close collaboration with Aurora Innovation it was an easy decision for them to start using the new post-tag function. 

The challenge

Capio Healthcare Center Sävja experienced that despite their overall high availability sometimes the numbers would dip and they couldn’t explain why. They needed to understand what type of tasks came in through the phone line so that they could plan for a more stable availability. Among other things they experienced that nurses often had to answer unnecessary questions when they could have spent their time more wisely on different tasks.

The solution

At the end of  December 2017 the post-tag function in Aurora teleQ was implemented at Capio Sävja. This function means that each call is tagged after the call is completed. The tags indicate what the call was about. Post-tag is used to better understand the flow of incoming calls. Today post-tags is implemented at all of Capio’s healthcare centers in Sweden. Capio are using a standardised set of tag codes so that they can easily follow up and compare results between units.

The result

Already in March 2018 Capio Sävja could see several clear results from using post-tags. They had more calls that were of administrative nature than they originally thought. This statistics helped them make the decision to have a different profession handle calls that weren’t medical in nature.  Today their menu in Aurora teleQ is set up differently. The caller gets to choose what they need help with. If it’s about payments or cancellations the calls then are handled by a secretary. This way they can use the nurses time for other tasks and the availability has stabilised.

“By using post-tags we have a bigger cooperation between professions at the healthcare center – since now even the secretaries use Aurora teleQ and support us when it comes to administrative tasks.”

Sara Stalén, head nurse at Capio Healthcare Center Sävja

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