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More efficient workflow with Aurora teleQ

Do you want to offer your customers the best possible service and achieve 100 percent availability? With Aurora teleQ, your company will have happier customers and a better working environment through effective case management. The software is made up of several communication modules all in one interface. This is scalable and is tailor-made based on your requirements; you only pay for the modules you need.

Nobody likes waiting. Using Aurora teleQ, you can save time and money. If your company uses our product, case management can be reduced by up to 30 percent. When query times are reduced, then agents can answer more calls and can schedule other work between calls. Using the statistics module and scheduling, you can also plan your day down to the last detail. This means that your company can offer your customers more time for advice and service.

A calmer place to work

A better working environment reduces employee turnover and absenteeism. Using Aurora teleQ reduces the stress of work; your employees enjoy a calm workplace with silent phones. Once the phones stop ringing, the stress usually also reduces . The agent can quietly finish their ongoing conversation before the next call is connected. Using the clear display on the screen of the queries received provides a clear visual overview. The call is controlled by the administrator and they can streamline their time. You and your colleagues enjoy a better working environment while your business increases its service levels.

Many years’ expertise

Our many years of experience has given us a leading position in our industry. You can therefore be sure that your business gets the right solution without any unnecessary add-on services and costs. In consultation with you, we select the best solution for your business. You choose how extensive your Aurora teleQ should be. The product works with fixed, mobile and IP telephony and can be used with or without a switchboard. You do not think about commissioning, installing or updating the product, we take care of that.

Download product sheet: Aurora teleQ – General

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