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Easier follow up with Post-tag

Hospitals, healthcare centers and clinics have a large amount of incoming phone calls each and every day. This requires a lot of resources and to have healthcare staff tied to the phone during long periods of time. To facilitate call management we want to make the process more efficient by automating as many parts as possible. To succeed in this effort we need a deeper understanding of what the incoming calls are about. That’s where the function Post-tag in Aurora teleQ can be useful. 

With Post-tag the person taking the call will choose a code from a standardised list of different issues. This will happen as the person is getting ready to close the task in Aurora teleQ. The codes have been chosen to capture as many different type of issues the callers usually want help with when they call. By doing this,  Post-tag is used to give a deeper understanding for the way the telephony works at the unit and how the process for incoming calls can be optimised.

Use Post-tag statistics to improve availability

If all tasks are tagged with the correct codes this will give you valuable statistics that you can then use to optimise resources, improve avilability and develop your processes to make the experience better both for patients and staff.  How many calls every day leads to a scheduled appointment wit a doctor or a nurse? Arte you getting a lot of calls that aren’t of a medical nature?

We would love to help you better understand your incoming calls, and work together with you to improve in the areas where you want to optimise or make things more efficient.

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