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by Louise Wahlström

The start-up company Paydrive chose to implement the telecommunications solution Aurora teleQ in the spring of 2017. This was done in order to meet the drastic increase in interest for their digital car insurance. Now their customers can quickly get in touch with Paydrive’s customer support and damage claim hotline.

The challenge

Paydrive is a start-up company in the insurance business that with their smart and connected solution challenges big traditional corporations. For them availability and a top level customer service are of the greatest importance on the road to success. Paydrive originally used a classic switchboard with two phones that were constantly ringing. There was no overview of how many people were calling. No way of knowing when they were calling or how long they had to wait before their call got through. Aside from that, a lot of the time the calls ended up at the wrong department.

“When the interest in our insurance increased we quickly noticed that the situation wasn’t manageable anymore. Customers struggled to reach us. It became frustrating both for us and for our customers. We also noticed that customers could often have their calls go through to the damage claims hotline when they actually needed to speak to customer service. The phones were constantly ringing and our staff struggled to provide the service our customers needed and it affected their work environment, says Caroline Fällström, Manager for Customer Service at Paydrive.”

The solution

Paydrive needed to quickly to find a solution that could make their customer service more efficient and increase their availability. They were also looking for a digital solution that would be easy to use. After scanning the market they soon came across Aurora teleQ after which they reached out to a representant from Aurora Innovation. With Aurora teleQ’s module Duo the Paydrive customers today meet three different menu options when they phone in. One option is to be called back at an appropriate time. The difference between customer support and the damage claim hotline has also been made clear through the menu which reduces the amount of calls ending up at the wrong place. Aside from all that, Paydrive is also using the reports in Aurora teleQ to keep track of all the incoming calls and be able to adjust their resource planning.

“Our goal is to become a big international company. With Aurora teleQ we know we’re able to handle the increased pressure on our customer service that come with growth and international expansion.”

– Andreas Broström, CEO at Paydrive

The result

Today a new peace and quiet has settled over the customer service department at Paydrive. The staff are working in a goal oriented way to deliver top level customer service. The working environment has improved and the staff now have time to take a break without worrying that their customers are left waiting or end up getting through to the claim demand hotline. With the assistance of the reports Paydrive also has the opportunity to plan their resources in a new way. This has lead to a better structure for the customer service staff and lower stress levels. It’s also meant that they now can add an extra planned resource during times when the pressure is high and a lot of customers are calling.

“It only took a month after the implementation of Aurora teleQ before we had complete control and overview of our phone calls and had started to deliver better service, says Caroline Fällström. Our customers have give us positive feedback and they have experienced a huge improvement in the availability of our customer service.”

About Paydrive

Paydrive offer a new kind of digital car insurance where you pay depending on how you drive. It’s a smart full coverage car insurance that can significantly lower your costs. With a smart connection in the car you get several benefits while at the same time contributing to a better environment and a more fair world!


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