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Duo offers both Callback and Call Queue

We know that no two patients are alike. Some think that it is convenient and practical to be called back, others prefer to remain on hold. The Duo module lets you offer your patients the best of both worlds, a package containing both a call queue and callback.

Let the patient choose

Duo is designed to improve and optimize the availability for all healthcare centers. The module offers both a call queue and callback. These functions can be used either in combination or independently. If necessary, Duo can be used only for call waiting or for callback. If the call queue is full, automatic callback is offered which means that your healthcare center does not miss any incoming calls.

Increased availability

Automatic callback allows you to receive calls outside of open hours making the healthcare more available. It is also a very effective way to manage the peaks in calls which usually occur at certain times of the day.

Patients calling have a positive experience of the Duo module thanks to the freedom of choice. They choose themselves whether they want to be on hold or be called back. They also receive continuous information about when their calls will be served. Duo is a smart choice, both for you and for your patients.

This is how the Duo module works:

  • The agent logs in to the Duo module via Aurora teleQ.
  • Duo receives the incoming calls. The patient can choose either to wait in line or be called back at a specific time.
  • Incoming calls are recorded in a log which the agents logged in can easily manage from their displays.
  • You choose which messages patients should hear whilst waiting and how often they are played.

Download product sheet: Aurora teleQ – Duo

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