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Our services improve yourself as a user

Giving your patients good service should be easy. We know that our services can improve your patient relations so that you can provide good customer services and, at the same time, be more available. To get as much as possible out of our products, we offer you different services which makes you a better user and healthcare center.

So that you can feel comfortable and develop along with our products, we offer different services. This includes training to active management and support in order to help and improve your use of our products.

We help you improve your availability and service

We make sure that you receive training from the start so that you can get going quickly and can make use of the full potentials of the product. With industry-leading experts on support, you can always reach us and get help. We know that active management which continuously ensures your knowledge and requirements increases your availability and service as well as that of your healthcare center.

As our customer, you will have access to a training portal were we have gathered all important information about our product Aurora teleQ. In the training portal, you will find an FAQ, guides, documents, E-learning – just a click away.

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We offer training both to new and to more advanced users. Our educational trainers have extensive experience of our products and as our customer, start-up training with one of our trainers is always included. Because customer service is important to us, you decide yourself if you can training on-site or online. You can also have training tailor-made to your requirements.

Training for Aurora teleQ

Getting started-training

This training is done at the start. This can be done on-site or online. Our unique aspect is that the training is part of the implementation of our products. Standard set-up: Training for administrators, Training for users and start-up for operation and support.

Deepening education

This training is for those who have worked with the system for a while and who feel that they want to develop the way that they work. This includes a review of the latest features in our services. We adapt the training to your needs with a focus on statistics and improvements and we provide recommendations. Advanced training can be implemented on-site or online on distance. If you have more than one healthcare center, you can run the training together.

Complementary education

This training is for existing and new users of Aurora teleQ who wish to refresh their knowledge or perhaps you have learned from your colleagues or all by yourself. Addition to the Aurora teleQ school.

To lead in Aurora teleQ

This training is aimed at managers at the healthcare center. We offer a unique opportunity to increase the use of resources at your healthcare center along with our very experienced availability trainers.
– What is it that makes certain healthcare centers very good at managing availability?
– How can you work more streamlined with Aurora teleQ?
– How can you use the statistics in Aurora teleQ to allocate resources better and follow up with adjustments?

We review the working conditions at the healthcare center together. The aim of ”Leading with Aurora teleQ” is to improve Aurora teleQ for everyone. This applies to patients, users and management.

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