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Are you often in situations where you cannot answer your phone but you still want to let the caller now when you can call back? Using the smartest mobile switchboard on the market, Aurora spondi, you have an easy-to-use and flexible telephone solution giving you total control over your calls. Our cloud-based product can be used completely on its own or as an addition to an existing switchboard. The product is available as an app both to iPhone and Android but you can also use it via the web.


Unique and flexible communications solution

Aurora spondi Business is a solution for call management composed with a large number of smart modules. Some of the modules are:  Response Groups, Menu Selection , My Colleagues och  Call Recording.

Aurora’s mobile response group’s are the only on the market that offer joint follow-up for all calls. The calls come through at the same time to all the people active in the response group. All members in the response group will then be notified who else is getting the call as well as who has answered the call. There is also the possibility to offer callback or voice mail for the calls if it’s not possible for anyone to answer right away. Through the app the members of the response group work together to follow-up on the calls that aren’t answered immediately.

Answered calls are also easy to transfer to others within the organisation through the app. You can also book a callback from a colleague or a response group.

With My colleagues you get an overview of your colleagues’ status as well as the response groups’ with the organisation. Through name look-up the name of the customer calling is presented to you even if they’re not in your phone book. In Aurora spondi you can also listen to your voicemails directly in the app. You can easily switch between different voice mail messages. You can also set different status messages for absence such as “in a meeting” or “on lunch break.”



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