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The municipality of Falun


by Louise Wahlström

The municipality of Falun has a complex telephony solution that requires both flexibility and easy administration. Close cooperation and a reliable system is two of the most important aspects when it comes to telephony.

The municipality of Falun have 17 queues in Aurora teleQ. The units have more than one solution, therefore, Aurora teleQ is used in many ways. The solutions include for instance the modules Callback and Call Queue. The latter enable cooperation between the queues. Via the module Menu, the callers can choose who they want to talk to by using the buttons on the phone.

Nathalie Börjesson, works as telephony manager and is responsible for managing Aurora teleQ. “If the units have a problem with their queue, they turn to us. If we can’t help them, we send the errand case to Aurora Innovation’s support team. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it happens they will handle the errand in a very effective and professional way.”

Internal cooperation

Madelene Krång Hvitman works with Aurora teleQ at Falu Energy & Water. Six of the municipality’s 17 queues leads to Madelene’s workplace. “We are between 15 to 20 people who works in the system at Falu Energy & Water. Our staff works from Customer case: The municipality of Falun different places and have their own queues where they pick incoming calls. I also book calls for the finance department. Sometimes we must cooperate with other queues, and with Aurora teleQ it works great.”

” I really appreciate the statistics in Aurora teleQ. It’s easy to understand and you can quickly get a report for any unit or queue.”

– Natalie Börjesson, Telephony Manager at The municipality of Falun

Benefits with Aurora teleQ

“I think everything is super! Aurora teleQ is very easy to use”, says Madelene Krång Hvitman.

The municipality of Falun is very positive to Aurora teleQ in general. They particularly appreciate that the system is so easy to administer.

Nathalie Börjesson explains why. “With Aurora teleQ we can provide fantastic customer service for everyone who contact us. Another important aspect is the reliability of the system. If there is a planned upgrade, we always get informed in advance. I have worked with Aurora teleQ for more than four years. During that time, I have only experienced one major disturbance.”

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