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A number to your business with the Menu module

Letting your customers choose themselves who to talk to is an easy way to save time and have more satisfied customers. The menu module receives all calls and give the caller clear instructions. The customer then chooses himself who to talk to by using the buttons on the phone.

A way in

Contacting your company should be easy. By using one single telephone number for the business, you can make communications easier for both your customers and your employees. By integrating the Menu module in Aurora teleQ, the customer calling will always be greeted the same way. You can yourself decide what welcome message the customer should hear and which menu that should follow.

Adapt the choices based on the time of the day

The Menu module allows the choices 0-9, star (*) and hash tag (#) over an unlimited number of levels. Creating and adapting menus based on the needs of your requirements is easy.

It is possible to connect every menu to other modules in order to create an even more flexible telephone solution. That way, you can for example give the customer the option of being called back at a specific time, to choose to wait in in the queue, select language or leave a voicemail. By using menus, incoming calls are easier to administrate, customer services are improved and the work streamlined.

This is how the Menu module works

  • The customer calls your company.
  • The menu module receives the call and provides the caller clear instructions.
  • The customer chooses himself who to connect to by using the buttons on his phone.

Download product sheet: Aurora teleQ – Menu

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