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by Louise Wahlström

To merge two companies into one has its challenges. To implement new routines and work processes can take some time. Thanks to Aurora teleQ, the audiology company Audika have managed to achieve 100 percent availability, and can provide professional hearing care to over 13,000 people every year.

The challenge

In the autumn of 2016, the two companies Avesina and Audionomerna/Hörsam became one. When the merger occurred, they chose to rename to Audika. The previous companies had different telephony solutions and customer service routines. Many of the employees had also responsibility for several administrative tasks in addition to telephony. This resulted in that the staff didn’t have the opportunity to prioritise to answer calls in the desired extent.

“Our customers are people with a hearing impairment, most of whom are older. Most of the callers prefer to reach our customer service directly. Previously customers who called us in the morning could be offered a callback in the afternoon, which wasn’t very appreciated”, says Ulla Widegren, Customer Service Manager at Audika.

The solution

To address the problems and offer all customers quick and efficient help, Audika decided to reorganize. The result includes a new team that work exclusively with customer service. Together with Aurora Innovation, the company found a solution that fits the business perfect. The solution includes several of the modules in Aurora teleQ; Duo, SMS and Menu as well as the features Recorded conversations and Post tag.

“We are very satisfied with our solution, it’s very flexible. We usually handle all calls immediately, but have the possibility to switch to callback, when necessary. For us it’s important to be able to follow-up our errands. It’s easy to get a good overview with the statistics and reports that are found in Aurora teleQ. We can see exactly when more resources are needed.”

“With Aurora teleQ, we can achieve 100 percent availability and focus on offering great customer service. It’s a stable and safe product that has all the functionality we need right now.”

– Ulla Widegren, Customer Service Manager

The result

Today, Audikas customers can get in touch with any of the 20 employees at the department, every weekday between 8 AM to 5 PM. Together they handle more than 8,000 calls per month and has an availability of 100 percent. Customers can also leave a message regarding cancellations when the department is closed. The staff work from three different citys and five different locations in Sweden.

“We have succeeded reaching our goal of becoming a professional customer service for a private healthcare provider. As with all things there are always details that can be improved. We continuously have a good dialogue with Aurora Innovation on how we could develop our customer service in the future.”

About Audika

Audika is one of the leading audiology companies in the nordic region. the company offers tailor-made professional hearing care from 32 clinics in sweden. every year, the 200 employees at audika help over 13,000 people to reach their full hearing ability.

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