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Atteviks Bil AB


by Louise Wahlström

Availability is a well-known problem in the car industry, where customers often have to wait in long phone queues to book service for their vehicle. Aurora teleQ has helped Atteviks improve their availability, resulting in faster and more efficient service for all of their customers.

The challenge

Anyone who has been in contact with a car dealership has probably experienced that it can be difficult to get personal service by phone at certain times. Atteviks didn’t have time to answer all incoming calls, especially during peak hours in the morning and afternoon.

“Between 7–9 and 3.30–5, our service advisors are busy taking care of customers who either leave or collect their cars. Those who tried to call us these times often had to wait in long queues”, says Mats Hansson, CFO at Atteviks.

Another problem was that many customers called at the same time, while other periods during the day was relatively calm.

The solution

To resolve these problems, they turned to Aurora Innovation. Atteviks now have a flexible communication solution that includes all points of customer contact – reception, service and parts.

Anneli Adolfsson is responsible for the switchboard at Atteviks. “With Aurora teleQ our customers can be called back instead of waiting on hold, which we know is appreciated. We also get an even distribution of calls throughout the day. Our service advisors have more time for each customer and can offer better service”.

“Thanks to Aurora teleQ we can provide great customer service. On top of this, our employees have a better working environment, with less stress and a more balanced workload.”

– Mats Hansson, Chief Financial Officer

The result

Each month Atteviks receive about 3200 incoming calls. Since the company implemented Aurora teleQ each of Atteviks dealerships’ availability is between 97 and 100 percent. The staff also cooperate more efficiently; if many customers call at the same time then more employees can log into the system and take calls from any computer, at any time.

“When our service advisors call the customer they can see all information on their screen, for instance phone number and type of car. Even before they make the call they know which workshop that will perform the service, which saves time for everyone”, says Mats Hansson.

About Atteviks

Atteviks Bil AB is one of Sweden’s largest private dealers of VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda and Scania. The company has eight different dealerships at separate locations in Sweden, employing approximately 400 employees.

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