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Aurora teleQ prize winner in The Hague


by Louise Wahlström

The department of cardiology of the HAGA hospital in The Hague wins first prize with Aurora teleQ as “Best Practice” solution for the hospital in 2017.

During the symposium 3 good practical examples of cooperation were also shown/presented. Josje van Beek, doctor’s assistant at the cardiology department, won first prize. She presented the effect of the telephone service Aurora teleQ for the department. “Every day we receive about 200 phone calls that we cannot all answer right away. Aurora teleQ gives the patient calling the choice between waiting or to be called back at a certain time.”

Aurora teleQ offers several advantages: Because the patient is called back at the agreed upon time and does not need to endlessly wait on hold, there is no irritation and the conversation begins positively right away. This means a happy patient and also happy coworkers, because they have less stress. The peaks and lows in phone traffic are taken care of that way. This means/leads to a reduction of cost and time. Coworkers can log in everywhere, including at home, and can thus jump in to help easily.

Aurora Innovation helps companies and organizations to improve their availability and to make it easier for people to get in touch. We offer flexible communication solutions that contribute to a better customer service and a positive work environment.

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