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Gävle Hospital


by Louise Wahlström

The Cardiac Unit at Gävle Hospital is in two physical locations: Gävle and Sandviken. The unit has one number for both facilities. Using one contact number, patients can quickly be connected to the clinic they want. The solution also includes online booking.

Every day about 40 calls are received by Aurora teleQ in the Cardiac Unit. About 100 people work in the department.

Head of Health Care Unit Helena Persson explains how Aurora teleQ works at the facilities. “We are a clinic that is located in two physical locations. The main unit is in Gävle and the branch in Sandviken. When it comes to Aurora teleQ, both units use the same queue in Aurora teleQ. This means that we log in to the same queue and can provide assistance and cooperation between the units when necessary.”

Easy to cooperate from different locations

Helena Persson believes that having the same contact number works really well. It means that everyone can see who is logged in at both units. The staff know one another and cooperate and help one another as much as possible. Some patients occasionally need to speak to a specific person. With Aurora teleQ it’s easy to transfer a call and to communicate with other members of the staff via the notes in the system.

“Cooperation works well and if someone’s ill it’s easy for someone else to replace them, even though they’re at a different location.”

– Helena Persson, Head of Health Care Unit, Cardiac Unit, Gävle Hospital

What are the greatest benefits of Aurora teleQ?

“The best thing with Aurora teleQ is that our patients can be redialed at a specified time instead of waiting on hold. They know when they will get the call and meanwhile they can concentrate on other things. We also appreciate the fact that Aurora teleQ enables our nurses to focus on one call at a time. This has many advantages, both for our employees and for our patients. The working environment for our nurses improve when they can focus on one patient at a time. I think it makes the contact between the nurse and the patient much better”, explains Helena.

More effective work with statistics

Aurora teleQ can be integrated with analytics tools that provide powerful statistical reports. This helps your company to achieve optimal capacity and makes it easy to evaluate the work. “The statistics help us to improve our work process. We can make use of the peaks in calls and try other work methods. That’s another really good thing about the statistics”, says Helena.

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