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Paydrive chose Aurora teleQ


by Louise Wahlström

The start-up company Paydrive chose to implement the telecommunications solution Aurora teleQ in the spring of 2017. This was done in order to meet the drastic increase in interest for their digital car insurance. Now their customers can quickly get in touch with Paydrive’s customer support and damage claim hotline.

Delivering better customer service to their digital customers

Paydrive is a start-up company in the insurance business that with their smart and connected solution challenges big traditional corporations. For them availability and a top level customer service are of the greatest importance on the road to success. When the interest for their digital car insurance increased rapidly their customer support was put under a heavy burden. They quickly needed to find a better solution in order to deliver better customer service and decrease the stress levels of their employees. The digital telecommunications solution  Aurora teleQ with the Duo-module, was the obvious choice. With the help of Aurora Innovations they are now able to provide top level service to all their customers

On the road towards international success

“Out goal is to become a big international company. With Aurora teleQ we know we’re able to handle the increased pressure on our customer service that come with growth and international expansion.”

– Andreas Broström, CEO at Paydrive

About Paydrive

Paydrive offers a new kind of digital car insurance where you pay depending on how you drive. It’s a smart full coverage car insurance that can significantly lower your costs. With a smart connection in the car you get several benefits while at the same time contributing to a better environment and a more fair world!


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