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Let us introduce our new tagline: It’s about time


by Louise Wahlström

Our tagline, which conveys the value of our brand is: It’s about time. 

Aurora Innovation is dedicated to increasing access to care services and creating well-functioning working environments for healthcare professionals.

Why are we talking about time? 
Time is the most valuable resource because it’s basically the only resource that you are ever limited to, or by. We are given a certain amount of time, whatever that is. You can never gain more time. So, compared to any other resource, like money, TIME is invaluable.

We bring the most valuable asset – the possibility to control time.

By bringing together healthcare professionals and people in need of care; through the most convenient means we create the most valuable asset for everyone – TIME. Everything comes down to this little word full of value: TIME. And we think it’s about time to start delivering this value.


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