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Johan Kaarme joins Aurora Innovation board


by Louise Wahlström

*Photo credit: Magnus Laupa

Aurora Innovation welcomed Johan Kaarme as a new board member in December last year. The new board member will bring a wealth of experience in healthcare and provide insights in the trends and political ambitions for the future. 

The new board member, Johan Kaarme, deputy Health care director in Region Gävleborg, is specialised in pediatrics with focus on pediatric emergency care with a clinical past from Uppsala University Children’s Hospital and Karolinska University Children’s Hospital. Mr Kaarme attended his first board meeting at Aurora Innovations HQ in December, last year.

What will Johan Kaarme bring to the board

He has combined his clinical work with different leadership assignments in Uppsala and Stockholm. In 2017-2018 he was responsible for the Uppsala county Innovation unit for Health care where they focused on developing new, better and more efficient methods in technology and diagnostics that would benefit both healthcare workers and patients. When asked what he believes is the way forward for the healthcare, the answer was:

“I believe that tools which can help patients to more self-care or better guide the patients to the right help before and during the personal contact are in demand. I believe Aurora has the potential to become an even stronger partner to the health care sector if we are up-to-date with their needs. I intend to do my best for this to be the case.

Aurora Innovation takes a strategic step towards the future

As Sweden is well known for its innovative skills it comes as no surprise that the Swedish government has set out to become number one in using digitisation in healthcare by 2025. With this comes a big challenge to educate and to implement new ways of giving care.

– Aurora Innovation has over 20 years of experience  helping the healthcare sector with their availability. To succeed with the digitalisation of the healthcare we need the right tools and the right skills, and Aurora Innovation offers both. However, my feeling is that not everybody using Aurora teleQ is aware of the potential of using the underlying statistic data for the unit, states Johan Kaarme, deputy Health care director in Region Gävleborg and new board member at Aurora Innovation.

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