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Improved video functionality in Aurora teleQ Video


by Lisa Öhberg

The use of Aurora teleQ Video, both as a pre-booked video call and the ability to switch to video during an ongoing phone call, is a valued function that is used increasingly. We are now investing further in our video solution and will make the following improvements before the end of 2022. 


Below mentioned changes enable us to be able to carry out further improvements next year, such as a digital lobby and multi-party calls. 

Improved user flow for your patients 

  • The apps are removed. No app needs to be downloaded; the video call is now carried out directly in a web browser instead of in an app. 
  • The landing page (where the patient chose how the call should be conducted) is removed. If you use e-identification, the landing page for e-identification remains as before. 

These two changes mean that when the patient clicks on the link, the start page for the video call opens directly in a web browser. 

Before the patient starts the video call, he / she can choose which camera, speaker and microphone that should be used, just like now. At this page, the patient also sees whether the microphone is working as it should. 

Improved user flow for the administrators 

As for the patients, the landing page is removed, and agents are also informed that the microphone is working properly. 

Changed interface 

The interface, i.e. color, shapes and icons are updated and now follow more standard looks for video calls. 


Production of the service for video calls will from now on take place in our regular production environment in Sweden and without a subcontractor. The video calls are encrypted just like before. By using the regular production environment, Aurora teleQ Video receives the same protection and management within the EU/EEA as Aurora teleQ’s other services in the operating environment. 

Ports / Firewalls 

As there are changes in the IT environment, it also affects which ports / firewalls must be open for the video call to be carried out. See below for more information. 

When do the changes take place? And what do you as a customer need to do? 

New ports 

The improved video solution with the new ports will be turned on sometime between December 13-30, 2022. These changes are not linked to any upgrade of Aurora teleQ. Before that date, your ports / firewalls must be reviewed, i.e. no later than December 12, 2022. Please contact your IT department, which is responsible for opening relevant ports / firewalls. 

See the page Necessary port openings for Video meetings for information on which ports apply. 

Previous ports 

Please note that the previous ports should also be open until 31/12-22. 

Pre-booked video call 

Pre-booked video calls must be rebooked, as the link sent to the patient will not work. The rebooking can only be done once the video changes have been implemented. 


If you have questions, you are welcome to contact your contact person or support for Aurora teleQ. 

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