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Future entrepreneurs meet the business community


by Louise Wahlström

In November, Aurora Innovation participated in a growth matching process between the business community and students at Uppsala University. The event was a part of Almi’s initiative SYNC. SYNC aims to create relationship building meetings between the business community and the best students at Swedish universities. 

Aurora Innovation’s head office and R&D department are located in Uppsala and it’s very important for us to have a good cooperation with one of the greatest universities in Sweden. For that reason we’ve always invited students to do their degree project with us. That has been fruitful both for us as a company through the innovation the students have brought in, but also for the students who have later gone on to be hired by Aurora Innovation.

Future entrepreneurs

During the growth matching we had the opportunity to listen to 20 students who pitched themselves to us. During 90 seconds each, the future entrepreneurs shared their driving forces and talked about what’s most important for them to feel satisfied in a future employment.  Kim Larsson, student and project manager for the Entrepreneurs Academy shared what she thinks is the key to success:

“I believe businesses need to listen what values millenials have. This event has created the good basis for a continuous dialogue between us students and the business community here in Uppsala.”

Values and visions

It become very clear throughout the relationship building meetings during the day that millenials are a value driven age group. Aurora Innovation has during the past few years been hard at work with outlining and implementing our core values, Cooperation, Courage and Simplicity.

“The values are our playing field and they help us make decisions in our daily work. We can see that cooperation has helped take us to where we are today and we have the courage to create a more available world through a mindset of simplicity. We want keep moving forward on our journey, together with students who are the entrepreneurs of the future”, says Petra Månsson, Marketing Manager på Aurora Innovation.

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