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Aurora Innovation is moving into Magasin X, Sweden’s largest wood-frame office block


by Lisa Öhberg

Our growth journey continues, we need larger premises and at the same time we want to create a modern and attractive workplace where we can offer both new and existing employees workplaces beyond the ordinary. The pandemic has brought new ways of working with a mix of remote and “on site” work and our new premises support this modern way of working. The exciting building offers areas and premises where we want to spend time, to collaborate, exchange experiences and knowledge.

“I’m really looking forward to visiting the new office and meeting employees, customers and partners again,” says Gustaf Leijonhufvud, Chairman of the Board of Aurora Innovation. “Physical interactions between people are important, whether they happen in a conference room or by the coffee machine in the kitchen. The fact that these interactions can now take place in Sweden’s largest wood-frame office building feels exciting and right. We strive to create sustainable solutions in the healthcare industry, and Magasin X’s climate-smart and innovative environment is absolutely right for this kind of work,” Gustaf continues.

At Aurora Innovation, we work to increase patients’ access to healthcare and, at the same time, create a good working environment for healthcare workers. We want to create a central hub for patient contact, where different digital services communicate with one another. We develop this together with our customers and partners, and collaboration is one of the cornerstones of our values. Creating value together is an important part of our corporate culture, and we feel that this can be further reinforced in our new head office.

“Our head office is an important location for our employees, both in Sweden and across Europe. Now that we can start meeting in person again after the pandemic, we hope to have many interesting meetings in our attractive premises,” says Tapani Kyrki, CEO of Aurora Innovation. “I look forward to welcoming employees, customers and partners to our exciting head office, and to continue to creating value in healthcare together.”

About Magasin X

Magasin X in central Uppsala is Sweden’s largest wood-frame office building. With sky-high sustainability targets, the building’s environmental profile pervades everything from innovative technical systems for energy supply and careful choice of materials, to climate-friendly commuting options. White and Vasakronan have created the best possible conditions to meet the high sustainability requirements of current and future tenants.

Magasin X is unique in terms of sustainability. The solid wood structure has a low carbon footprint. In addition, there are a number of innovative solutions and efficient energy systems. Among other things, the building is heated and cooled by geoenergy, and solar panels on the roof and facade charge the building’s energy reserve in the event of e.g. a power outage. The building is certified in accordance with the environmental classification system LEED.

Ref: White.

Gustaf Leijonhufvud, Chairman of the Board and Tapani Kyrki, CEO
Photos Lars Wasell



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