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Aurora Innovation attends HiMSS Europe in Helsinki


by Louise Wahlström

On the 11-13’th June, Aurora Innovation will attend the HIMSS European Conference & Exhibition in Helsinki Finland. HIMSS and Health 2.0 continue to strengthen their ties and have chosen one of the most innovative countries worldwide to host the 2019 conference.


A combined effort between health authorities and health entrepreneurs

Gathered under one roof, the health authorities and health entrepreneurs will have greater opportunities to interact, learn from each other and take action for the future of European e-Healthcare. To succeed with the digitalisation of the healthcare sector we need the right tools and the right skills, and Aurora Innovation offers both. 

Daily updates from Aurora Innovation

You will be able to follow this event on our LinkedIn page. Please contact Aurora Innovations delegates, Henrik Westerberg or Mikael Liias for any information regarding Aurora Innovations participation in The European HIMSS Conference.

What is HIMMS?

HIMSS is a global advisor and thought leader supporting the transformation of health through the application of information and technology. As a mission driven non-profit, HIMSS provides thought leadership, community building, public policy, professional/ workforce development and engaging events to bring forward the voice of their members.


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