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Aurora Innovation attending MedischOndernemen event


by Louise Wahlström

On October 5 & 6’th MedischOndernemen will take place LIVE in Expo Houten, Houten Netherlands and Aurora Innovation will be there.

This is an event for all practitioners, decision-makers, self-managing teams and Unit Managers working in the Primary care sector. Main themes for this event is doing business (including finance, personnel, legislation, ICT) and multidisciplinary collaboration. Everything you need to know to keep your practice healthy and ready for a successful future!

Register for the MedischOndernemen event

Bruch up on your entrepreneurial skills, learn about relevant developments that determine the future of your practice, receive tips and tricks, engage in discussions and get in touch with hundreds of colleagues and professionals from other professional groups.

Register for the event here (in dutch):

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