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by Louise Wahlström

VUmc is one of eight University Medical Centers in the Netherlands. Yearly around 100 000 people visit this Amsterdam based clinic for the first time. But the phone availability for this clinic has been a big problem for the past 10 years. Despite many attempts to improve the situation it’s not been possible for the staff to answer the phone calls on time. Aurora teleQ managed to change all that.

The advantages with Aurora teleQ according to VUmc:

  • The patients no longer has to wait.
  • The patients are happier: 80% say they experienced an improvement after Aurora teleQ was implemented.
  • The staff is happier: 88% say they experienced an improvement after implementing Aurora teleQ.
  • A cheaper investment without needing to buy expensive systems inhouse.
  • With Aurora teleQ the waiting time for patients has reduced drastically, the average length of phone calls are shorter and the callback precision is 90%.
  • The phone no longer calls non-stop: adding the menu has cut down the amount of phone calls daily by 30-50%.
  • Decreased work load for staff: 58% of the staff experience less stress today, 35% find more time for administrative tasks and 89% feel that they have a much better overview of their work.

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