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Karolinska University Hospital


by Louise Wahlström

Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden provides medical care for patients with serious common diseases as well as rare medical conditions. The main parts of the hospital are based at Huddinge and Solna in Stockholm, but they also provide services in other locations around the city. We visited one of the clinics, Radiumhemmet, to examine how Aurora teleQ Callback helps them and their patients.

The oncology clinic, Radiumhemmet, started using Aurora teleQ Callback back in January 2008. Before introducing Aurora teleQ to the clinic the phones rang continously. Patients were both stressed and irritated – they couldn’t get through to the nurses due to poor phone availability. The situation was stressful for the staff too and patients were very unhappy. Eva, a specialist nurse, remembers patients making drop-in visits without an appointment because they where so desperate to get in contact.

More satisfied patients

Since they started using Aurora teleQ the patients are much more satisfied – it’s easier to get in contact with the hospital and there are no more desperate drop-ins. At the moment they have telephone hours between 6am to 4pm Monday to Friday. One of the main reasons for installing Aurora teleQ was the desire to provide their patients with a quicker response and also to be able to call back at a certain time, on hold. Nurses at Radiumhemmet can now schedule their telephone time and adjust peak in telephone traffic during the day. They receive approximately 1500 calls/month.

“It is essential for all staff that our patients get a response and that we can establish a contact with the right department or specialist nurse.”

– Eva Karlén, Specialist nurse

Efficient way to use their staff

Specialist nurses handle all calls through Aurora teleQ. At their largest department 10 specialist nurses answer calls in Aurora teleQ. They give advice, act as contact nurses and make appointments. 60 percent of incoming calls are from patients seeking advice and contact with a specialist nurse, the remaining 40 percent are about rescheduling and prescriptions.

– We are very content. With Aurora teleQ are we able to use our staff in an efficient way and since all specialist nurses on duty are online it’s easy to get in contact with another nurse or leave a message in the Aurora teleQ. If our patients are satisfied we are too, says Susanne, one of Radiumhemmet’s specialist nurses.

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